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Innovator of the education philosophy "Manifestism", Ritesh Rawal's passion is to make dreams into reality that reflects very clearly in his successful ventures, Dudes, and Dolls the Cosmic school, Ritesh Rawal Foundation, The Gullies of India by Ritesh Rawal and Insync with Ritesh Rawal and Adhyay School.

His key innovations such as Spironment: Innovation in learning space and learning environment, "The Out and Out learning" - Methodology "Limitlessness" - child development framework have been designed for the growth and betterment of the education sector and they clearly represent his vision of innovation to change the world's education.

Ritesh started his journey in the field of education a decade ago, in the initial years he focused on doing research in order to understand the genuine needs and expectations of current era's students, parents and the overall environment at large, and during his research which includes understanding the best education systems of the world, the ancient education system of India and current education system.

He launched his first education initiative called Dudes and Dolls the cosmic school in 2012 with an objective to create an impact in the early childhood education and today Dudes and Dolls is very established and known for innovation in every aspect.

In alignment with the United Nation's Sustainable the development goal of "Quality Education" Ritesh started Ritesh Rawal Foundation to include people from all the strata of society to be part of his innovative education methods. On 27th Sep 2019, he launched the concept of his upcoming venture "Adhyay" the senior secondary school which reflects his thoughts and ideas to innovate and uplift the overall education up to senior secondary level.

Research and development are the core areas of interest for Ritesh and he is pursuing them through his initiatives a) "Insync with Ritesh Rawal" it is a video recorded discussion series with various stakeholders of the society to understand their perspective about the growth of education and b) The Gullies of India by Ritesh Rawal, it is aimed at manifests of various Indian art forms in the education, specifically art forms which originates from The Gullies of India and have created an impact globally.